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East Bay Bristol County Lacrosse Association is a developmental lacrosse program for boys and girls in the East Bay area of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We serve: Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Swansea, Somerset and Rehoboth.

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Boys 5/6 D1 Lax - No Practice Monday
by posted 05/27/2023

Parents - 

Excited for the boys to get another big win against another tough opponent!  This team wasn't as physical, but as we expected, they had a couple of key offensive players and moved the ball.  They got good shots, probably a few more than they should have.  We'll get a chance to practice some team defense this week and shore that up.  


  1. No practice Monday!  Enjoy the holiday.  
  2. We will look to schedule another practice next week.  More to come!
  3. We may need to adjust or cancel Friday practice due to some club lacrosse conflicts.  More to come!

Also, thank you for the donuts, as well as the support this season so far!  Great to see kids taking advantage of the opportunities they have when getting on the field, going hard, taking shots, and playing great defense!  


Coaches Owen, Chad, Jason


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Boys 5/6 D1 Lax - Practice Today, Game, and Playoffs
by posted 05/26/2023


Practice today as scheduled, 4:30pm.  

Game Saturday as scheduled, 10:30am East Greenwich HS Turf Field, about 40 minutes away.  Please be there, as always, 30 minutes early.  If you leave by 9:15am, you should be fine. 

Tentative Playoff Schedule, assuming we play well as a team and keep our streak going...  

Thursday, June 8th, in Portsmouth HS, time TBD.  

Tuesday, June 13th, in Middletown, 5:30pm.

Please plan accordingly.

As always, one game at a time.  We have another strong opponent tomorrow in EG.  We'll need to play some of our best lacrosse of the season, and I know the kids are ready.  Make sure everyone get a good night sleep and eats a healthy meal tonight!


Coaches Owen, Chad, Jason

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Boys 5/6 D1 Lax - Game Saturday
by posted 05/23/2023

Parents - 

We have a holiday weekend coming up and a game on Saturday.  I'm going to send out the RSVP reminder - if you can please RSVP, I want to make sure we've got enough players.  Unfortunately, Grant and I will not be available (long standing family commitment) - so Coach Chad and Coach Owen will have the reigns.  Thank you!  

Additionally, I'm going to look at potentially moving the June 3rd game due to some player conflicts.  More to come if that change can be made.  




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Boys 5/6 D1 Lax - Game Recap & New Practice Time!
by posted 05/21/2023

Parents - 

Nice win today!  We had our first of three tough games, and we are so proud of the hard work the kids put forth to slip past a strong North Kingstown team.  Offensively, we had a couple of nice opportunities from cuts that created a few goals for us, and we'd like to see that same effort in our next game. 

Defensively, we saw a team that dodged and went to the cage.  Our middies learned quickly they need to get back or we risk giving up fast breaks.  We had a few more penalties than normal, and that cost us at least one goal.  We hustled and out groundballed NK, and it was the difference maker.  Finally, we found ourselves in a one-goal-up situation with under two minutes left in the game, and this wasn't something we practiced.  Kids reacted well in the huddle, and understood the objective, keeping the ball in the box, move it around, and don't shoot.  A shot (even on an open goal) in a situation like that is more dangerous than just keeping the ball in our stick and running down the clock.  We'll practice that, man-up, getting middies back, and cutting off ball.  

TOMORROW PRACTICE MOVING TO 5pm!  We will practice from 5pm to 6:30pm.  The Barrington HS team is playing their final home game of the season at 6:30pm.  (No delays expected).  The other 5/6 team will work to finish their practice early so they can go over and watch / support the team, too.  

Sean has again offered to pick up some pizza's for the boys, so if you plan to join (and we hope you will!) please consider a small pizza donation for the cause!  Sean Venmo here:  

Thank you,

Coaches Owen, Chad, Jason

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Boys 5/6 D1 Lax - Game 5 Recap, Game Tomorrow!
by posted 05/20/2023

Parents - 

Always fun to have an extra game in a week, and besides the drive, Friday was a perfect day to get our first away game in!  Congrats again to the boys for battling through a slower-paced game to outscore our opponent and come out with another W.  Offensively, we saw two goals from our defense (who played to yet another shutout), two from the attack, and 1 from the midfield.  We out groundballed that team, and that was a big factor. 

Incredible effort and play from the close D, our goalie, and the middies who played hard up and down the field.  We are still working to get more kids comfortable taking shots from 10 yards out, dodging and putting just enough space between the defender to get a good shot off (or moving the ball and finding the open man).  Off-ball, our lacrosse IQ is developing...learning when to clear out, learning when to cut, learning when to pop for the ball - it takes time and practice to get comfortable.

Tomorrow (5/21) we play at 9:15am back on our home field.  Please be on the lookout in the AM for any weather related cancelations.  Please be at the field ready to go by 8:45am.  (Any weather related messages will come before 8am - so if you hear nothing, the game is ON).  As I've mentioned, expect to see a strong team and better lacrosse tomorrow.  I'm excited to see how the kids do - get them plenty of rest and fire them up for a big game!  


5/6 Coaches - Owen,Chad, & Jason


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Boys 5/6 D1 Lax - Game Friday & Game Sunday
by posted 05/16/2023

Parents - 

Great seeing nearly every kid on our team make it to the Barrington Boys HS game yesterday!  The game packed so much action into 7 short minutes - physical play, scintillating saves, dynamic dodging, BTB (behind the back) scoring. Oh my!  

Thank you to Sean for ordering and bringing the pizza's - they went fast!


We are confirmed (and all parents have accepted the invite, thank you) for the game Friday, we have refs.  This is our first away game, it starts at 6:15 pm (be there by 5:40pm).  The field is about an hour away, and you'll be going through Providence on a Friday during rush hour, so please plan accordingly.  I recommend leaving by 4:30pm.  

Sunday, we are back at our house to face one of the tougher teams in our league.  


We had a good practice yesterday, but please put your kids lacrosse stick front and center and encourage wall ball, shooting, or playing with friends between yesterday and Friday.  Work those sticks - some individuals have really been working their sticks and it shows - keep it up!  


5/6 Coaches

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Boys 5/6 D1 Lax - Game 4 Recap & Practice Today
by posted 05/15/2023

Parents - 

Happy belated mothers day to everyone - and thank you for your support yesterday on your special day!    

As we've seen in our past 3 games, the defense was super strong when challenged, though we didn't face much competition out there from IYL.  We had a goal from a long pole (Smith twin #2) which was exciting to see, and another shutout from our goalie (Smith twin #1), making it 3 out of 4 weeks!  The rest of the defense played well, middies included.  We clear the ball well (several full field passes), and we out groudballed that team 2-1 easy.  

Offensively, well...we didn't hit that magic 13 mark we were hoping for.  We had a nice faceoff win (first one this season) from Will, and a handful of goals scattered around the offense.  I will give IYL credit for sliding and doing a decent job defensively, though we left a lot on the table.  Our shots were still sparse, but we stuck a few that we needed to.  We had a few nice looks inside that didn't materialize, and a few pipes from outside that also didn't land.  We will continue to push the offense to dodge to create an opportunity - shoot, or draw and dump.  Off-ball, we need to move to be open and clear out when we have dodgers dodging.  

With the exception of our makeup game on Friday, the easy part (and first half) of our season is over.  Wow, that happened fast!  We play North Kingstown, East Greenwich, and CyLax - 3 of the top 4 teams, starting Sunday.  I hope the boys are ready to be challenged.  We'll see how they respond when they are down a couple of goals and need to battle together.  We hope a couple of leaders will emerge and the team will start to gel together as one.  

We will continue to push the kids to go hard, be good teammates, be on time (please help with this one, Parents), support each other, learn fundamentals, use the opposite hand, and have fun.  Please grab a coach if you have anything on your mind, happy to talk through it.  Our coaching staff will continue to mix up the lines and players as kids show us what they've got and develop over the season.    


Practice today (5/15) followed immediately by our Barrington HS boys game at 7:15, and a 1/2 time performance by our troopers!  Mo' lax, mo' fun!  



5/6 Coaches


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