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East Bay Bristol County Lacrosse Association is a developmental lacrosse program for boys and girls in the East Bay area of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We serve: Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Swansea, Somerset and Rehoboth.

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no practice and date updates!
by posted 05/28/2023


AMAZING game and effort from all yesterday! They worked so well as a team and we were so proud!


LAST regular season game: Sat 6/3: HOME  St Andrews field arrive 11:10 for 11:45 game start

**I assume everyone is coming as I have not hear otherwise!


Playoffs: either Mon 6/5 or WED 6/7 time and date TBA (save both).

Championship save: 7 pm 6/14 WED

(i wrote it wrong in my last email and had said 6/15- sorry!)

Parents: If someone wants to organize gatorade or oranges for any games as it gets hot please do! Girls struggled w bit in the heat this past week.

***Please try to plan for all the players to attend the remaining games!


Super proud Coaches!!

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Save Dates: PLAYOFFS!!
by posted 05/26/2023


Hi All:

PLEASE see the most updated info on playoff schedules:

SAVE DATES until further notice for 

Mon 6/5, WED 6/7 AND 6/15 7pm (just in case we make it)!

Once we know if we play 6/5 or 6/7 I will let you know!

Please find the playoff plan for the 2023 season:the times and dates are good to go we are just confirming locations-  Game times for Semis will be 5, 615 and 745 times for finals will be 530 and 7 : 
We will not know positions until all scores are in- so please if you have not put your scores please enter ASAP.
For the girls 5/6 DII division the top 6 teams will make playoffs: 1& 2 will get a bye the first day and play Wednesday June 7th; 3-6 will play Monday June 5th and winners from these games will play Wednesday June 7th against 1-2.  
The Girls 5/6DI will be the top 4 teams and there will be one game on the 6/5 and the other on 6/7- We will do everything we can to make sure the teams that have girls that swing are in good shape.
Monday June 5th
Location 1: East Greenwich 
7/8 DI 2 games
Location 2: East Greenwich
5/6 DI 1 games
5/6 DII 2 games
Wednesday June 7th
Location 1: East Greenwich 
7/8 DII 2 games  
Location 2: East Greenwich
5/6 DI  1 game
5/6 DII 2 game
Girls :
Location 1 East Greenwich
Wednesday June 14th
Girls 5/6 DII 5:30 PM
Girls 5/6 DI 7:00PM
Wednesday June 14th
Location 2 
Girls 7/8 DII  5:30 PM
Girls 7/8 DI 7:00PM


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Team dinner: 6-7:30 (reminder)
by posted 05/26/2023

Hi All


GAME AWAY TOMORROW! Should be a great game!!

Arrive early: Moses Brown field # 1 9:40 (game at 10:15).

Reminder for the Team Dinner tonight at 6-7:30 at Moscrop's House at 2 Cold Spring Rd

and if you are interested in watching a great game please check out: 


The Syracuse and Boston College women’s lacrosse teams meet again in the 2023 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Tournamentsemifinal at WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary, North Carolina on Friday, May 26 (5/26/2023) at 5:30 p.m. ET.


Syracuse vs. Boston College will air on ESPNU, and can be streamed live on fuboTV (free trial) and other live TV services.

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Team Dinner is on for Friday! 5/26/23 6 Pm
by posted 05/24/2023

Hi All:

Thank you for all your RSVPs for the team dinner and thank you Claire and Becky for hosting and coordinating!

We are excited to see the team Friday evening at 6 pm for our team dinner held at the :

Moscrop's Home:

2 Coldspring Road Barrington RI 02806






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Tentative Dates Playoffs
by posted 05/23/2023

Hi All:

Tentative ONLY but sharing what info I have for potential dates for championships...

Mon 6/5 or WED 6/7 are the likely dates for the first round of playoffs for the girls. 

Mon 6/12 or WED 6/14 may be dates for FINALS.

All TBA but sharing what I was told for now. (Likely held in EG or Middletown on TURF.)

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by posted 05/21/2023

Hi Everyone:

Girls have improved so much and are really working great as a team! The next two games will be our most competitive so get your players excited!

Practices are the same as usual this week.

FRIDAY - We tentatively have a TEAM DINNER generously offered to be hosted at the Moscrops House (thank you!)  PLAN is to get Spaghetti Lane and we need volunteers for  veggie platter, watermelon? and drinks!

(Becky has dessert).

PLEASE Tell Maggie's mom Becky ASAP if you can attend a team dinner or not on FRIDAY and if you have any ALLERGIES and what you could bring. Time TBA aim for 5:30?

EMAIL: Becky Porter (team parent) at: (by TUESDAY!) 

(I heard from only two last time) IF not enough can attend we can try for another night closer to playoffs.


GAME: AWAY arrive 9:40 dressed and ready for start time of 10:15 against Providence at MOSES BROWN field 1

I think everyone can make it and WE NEED ALL so let me know if that has changed ASAP!!


PLAY OFFS/ STate Championship: TBA- this is waht we know to date: please be flexible and ready as we will need everyone and will at least be in first round!

"We are in the process of planning the playoffs.  Please let your coaches and families know that semi finals games will be on one of the following dates mon 6/5 thru Thursday 6/8 and finals will be held on one of the following days Monday 6/12 Thu Thursday 6/15. 
It will be the top 4 teams from each of the divisions 5/6 and 7/8 D1 and  D2. "




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Updates (tomorrow at ST ANDREWS at 7:30)
by posted 05/19/2023

HI All:

The players are working so hard and have come a long way this season! We are working really hard at communication and team work!


GAME TOMORROW (field change!) WE are at ST Andrews FARM FIELD and have players arrive BEFORE 7:30 DRESSED AND READY (please remind your girls of this as they often stroll along after the requested time) so we can warm up and start game on time to not delay other later games! 

I believe everyone is here tomorrow- PLEASE tell me if that is not the case even if you told me before! :)


The next two games after tomorrow will be much more competitive and I expect everyone to be in attendance.

(We only have 3 subs if everyone attends and we will need everyone! PLEASE let me know ASAP if anyone plans to be out??!!)

Lastly we dont have the schedule yet for the week of PLAY OFFS and STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. I WOULD BE PREPARED to attend that week practice and games (which will be held during hte week at night under the lights location TBA!) Times for games will be determined after the last two games we play!



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Pics and Sat Update (stay tuned!)
by posted 04/24/2023


AMAZING game again this week and the players are working so hard and really starting to play well together!

PLEASE find the attach photos that Leda (Marissa's mom) graciously shared with us from the game Saturday! :


(If the link does not work let me know. It comes up oddly in this league athletics system.)


Also stay tuned on Saturday- slight possibility game time could change as rumor has it there are Ref issues...but I dont have final details yet!

I am aware of Nina and Avery being away this week...if that applies to anyone else please let me know ASAP!



Coaches :)

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Game 4/22 SCYL- arrive ready by 11:15!
by posted 04/21/2023

Hi All:


You athletes are looking strong and motivated for the game tomorrow! We are impressed with how hard they are working and supporting each other this season!

As far as I am aware every team member plans to be in attendance tomorrow!

(If this is not correct tell me ASAP as it effects line ups and coordination with D2 Teams!)

We are AWAY 4/15 playing SCYL at Prout HS

Address: 4640 Tower hill Road Wakefiled, RI

(arrive before 11:15 dressed and ready to warm up - for 11:45 game start).

***Coaches are responisble for fans -we appreciate all POSITIVE support !!!

(We also appreciate if you hold negative comments to give us coaches later as "US" coaches can be held responsible for fans behavior).

Also our players are working hard to learn to think for themselves on the field and as a team may practice some "plays" that may not be as obvious to those on the sideline... :)

Sadly we will have limited refs this year and games likely called not as tightly as they could be (which is a disadvantage), however, this is what we have and we will do our best with it!

LASTLY: PLEASE look ahead to all GAMES and if your player cannot attend any games I need to know asap.

With limited subs it is very hard to plan any last minute changes to games but we may have that option now. We can also sometimes recruit from 5/6 d11 but only if we know well in advance! 

Thank you so much!!



cell: 508-776-3759 Cerissa should you need it tomorrow!

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Sat GAME arrive 7:30 for 8am start!
by posted 04/14/2023

Hi All:

We are excited for our first game tomorrow morning at 8am!

PLEASE ARRIVE BY 7:30am at St Andrews field!

At this time I have those attending including:

Marisa Sao Bento

Evelyn Fonseca

Nina Hansen

Daisy Moscrop

Mila  Aguirre

Kendall Blaney

Molly Reagan

Surry-Jane Manville

Adelaide Crosby

Maggie Porter 

Avery Fisher

 (if this is not correct I need to know ASAP!)


Maeve and Tilly will join us as well to help make a full team!


Please welcome them and thank them!

PLEASE hydrate and eat well as we will have limited subs for this game!


IF any of our players want to stay and help the D2 girls at 10:15 at St Andrews field for their game that helps as they are short players as well!


Thanks all!!



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Review game schedule ASAP!
by posted 04/10/2023

Hi All:

PLEASE take the time ASAP to review the current game schedule.

I need everyone to go into online system and decline practices and games their child cannot attend - please do them all now as best you can!

I also need you to tell me ASAP  (email if you cannot attend certain games -

*So far I know of 4 players who cannot attend on 4/15 this coming Sat. This means we are playing 1 player short if everyone else is attending (unless I can get a d2 player to step up). 

**In order to make appropriate practice plans and if we need to attend to possible game changes we need to know everyones attendance plans ASAP- thank you for understanding!

This week:

Practice TODAY/MONDAY 5:30-7 St Andrews Field

Practice Thursday 4:30-6 BMS 

GAME: Saturday 4/15 HOME - 9:15 start ARRIVE NO LATER than 8:45.


If you have any questions please dont hesitate to reach out!


Coaches Cerissa, John and Jackie



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by posted 03/27/2023

Hi Players and Families of the 5/6 D1 TEAM!

Congrats to your players for making this team! We coaches are VERY excited for this upcoming season and look forward to seeing you all soon!

A few notes as we get started:


THREE indoor practices at Longplex in Tiverton, RI :

Tuesday, March 28th from 6:00pm-7:00pm

Tuesday, April 4th from 6:00pm-7:00pm

Thursday, April 6th from 6:00pm-7:00pm

OUTDOOR Practices starting week of APRIL 10th at Barrington Middle School:

Monday 5:30-7pm St Andrews Field

Thursdays: 4:30-6 BMS

  • (I have heard that at least 1 player may be affected by this start time- it was set so that we could have 30 minutes on the field alone otherwise we share the field for the full practice- if this becomes a challenge to attend we may need to push start time back 15-30 minutes but will keep you posted if that is needed or allowed).

**Occasionally Fridays TBA for skill development.

*PLEASE be prompt for start of practice (Girls should be ready in gear 5 min before start. Also for pick-ups - occasionally we may end a few minutes early to please be mindful of being on time. Also, if you want to listen at all at end of practice that is fine as well J


  • SEI googles, lax stick, mouthguard, (cannot be white or clear!) and wear pinny every practice.


We are requesting a volunteer or two to help us coordinate events/needs during the season.

(Tent to games with rain, pasta night etc)

EASTBAY Website:

PLEASE familiarize yourself with the website and use that to check the team calendar for any changes prior to emailing coaches.

All changes are updated on that site on regular basis.

Rain Cancelations are usually called at about 2pm that day so please wait for an announcement.


Tip: You can use the league athletics eastbay website to merge practice and game schedules into your calendars (from the East Bay Girls 5/6 D1 BLUE team page and select Options then sync calendars (be logged into you google or whatever cal you use or ask Erika).


We will try to send some weekly to bi weekly emails but we cannot always get to those so don’t rely on those reminders about practice/games – all of the is on websites.


Game days check your emails and text (allow text on your profile in eastbay lax) for field addresses change etc. This year there is no app to send messages.



PLEASE use the RSVP for practices and games that the website sends out so we can track this information. This season we have a very small team 15 players. We will need to know ASAP if we have any conflicts. We may have the option to have a few d2 players play up with us but it also depends on how many players they have for their games.

As soon as the schedule is released if you have any days and ESPECIALLY games that are a conflict please tell us coaches ASAP! This includes for the first game on 4/15 time TBA please let me know now – thanks!


Thanks so much and we look forward to a fun season!!


Coaches Cerissa and John

Cerissa Cell: 508-776-3759

John Cell: 917-885-0890


PLEASE LET PLAYERS WATCH VIDEOS and Feel free to learn with them!

Cradling 101:

Catching and throwing 101:

ABCD of Defense:

3 seconds, shooting space, shooting:

Shooting space:


Blocking 8 meter shot:


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Asst Coach 
Jacqueline Loverme 
John Reagan 
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