CANCELLATIONS? | East Bay Lacrosse
East Bay Bristol County Lacrosse Association is a developmental lacrosse program for boys and girls in the East Bay area of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We serve: Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Swansea, Somerset and Rehoboth.

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Hello coaches,


Eventually the weather will be bad and you will be wondering "is my practice still on?".



  • The decision is made by the league BY 4:00PM. 
  • A member of the EBLAX board will walk the fields and check the forecast to make this determination.
  • The system will be updated if your practice is canceled. The practice will be crossed out and in red on your team webpage to indicate it has been canceled.
  • ALL edits (not just cancellations) to the schedule will triggers email alerts, text message alerts (if opted in on their profile) and the schedule on your team page is updated. 
  • As this is all automated, you do not have to do anything but it you want to connect with your team as well, great. 
  • Remind parents to check the website when in doubt ( after 4:00pm).
  • Remind parents TO GET THE APP so they get notices on their phone.



  • On Saturday game days, each town makes the determination if their fields are safe to play on between 6:45am and 7:15am.
  • Cancellations are sent to RIYLL.
  • RIYLL notifies the referees FIRST
  • RIYLL then updates the schedule and the alerts go out and the game will be crossed out and in red on your team webpage to indicate the game is canceled. 
  • Some programs will cancel the entire day, others will hold out hope and cancel only the 1st game.
  • General rule of thumb is a the referees and programs will be notified no less than 60 minutes prior to a game.