Parent Code of Conduct | East Bay Lacrosse
East Bay Bristol County Lacrosse Association is a developmental lacrosse program for boys and girls in the East Bay area of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We serve: Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Swansea, Somerset and Rehoboth.

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Parent Code of Conduct

As a youth lacrosse parent in Rhode Island, you are to understand that a high level of sportsmanship is expected from you also. You are expected to treat the coaches, your children's teammates, officials, opposing team players and coaches with respect and dignity. During practices and games, you will be asked to watch the action away from the players' benches and on the other side of the field. If you are a vocal parent, cheer good plays made by either team. Understand that unsportsmanlike misconduct such as taunting, the use of foul & abusive language, or fighting is grounds for ejection from a game, and you will be asked to remove yourself from the area. Repeated offenses will result in suspension from the field of play in your next scheduled game, and three offenses will result in your expulsion from watching Rhode Island Youth Lacrosse League games for the rest of the year. Consider it an honor to be a part of the great game of lacrosse.