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East Bay Bristol County Lacrosse Association is a developmental lacrosse program for boys and girls in the East Bay area of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We serve: Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Swansea, Somerset and Rehoboth.

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We understand coaching for the first time can be intimidating and you might not know the game of lacrosse. We strongly encourage you to purchase a US Lacrosse Coach Level membership to take advantage of the many resources they offer and to attend a US Lacrosse workshop. Both items are 100% reimbursable!  All we ask is that you purchase these first and then submit your receipts for reimbursement to the treasurer using the link under the HEY COACH tab called REIMBURSEMENT REQUESTS. 

DID YOU KNOW IF YOU BECOME US LACROSSE CERTIFIED, YOU RECEIVE ONE PLAYER REGISTRATION FEE FOR FREE??? Here are the requirements to get certified. Click here for more info:



Level 1 Certification Requirements
 Current US Lacrosse membership
 Current "Green Light" NCSI background check
 Level 1 Fundamentals of Coaching Online Course
 Level 1 Instructional Clinic (Developing the Individual Athlete)
 PCA "Double Goal Coach 1: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons"
 Men's Game Coaches Only: How to Make Proper Contact Online Course
 Safesport Training


Hello "Coach"!

Below are some important pre-season programs you can attend in person or online to get ready for the season. Some free... some discounted... we reimburse!  Some of you are veteran coaches and others have never picked up a stick. Not to worry, we have several opportunities to help you learn the game and learn to be a positive coach to your players and parents. 

Another perk! All US Lacrosse LEVEL 1 CERTIFIED coaches receive one FREE East Bay Lacrosse registration fee MINUS the field use fee of $10.00. We pay for nearly every step of your certification AND rebate one registration fee minus the field use fee! What a BARGAIN! We can always use coaches! Can never have enough! Please look over the training and workshops below to help get your started. NO MAN (or woman) IS AN ISLAND! We will pair new and returning coaches together!

Check it out & please contact me to discuss how we can help you become lacrosse coach.

There are education and training opportunities at all levels. In addition to the US Lacrosse and Positive Coaching Alliance offerings that will be outline below, this year we have contracted with REV Lacrosse and 3D Lacrosse to coach the kids and coach the coaches! More on that from your child's coach later on.



The US Lacrosse Coach Development Program is the surest way to access everything you need to know to be a great lacrosse coach. Learn the art of effective lacrosse coaching with this nationally-recognized program designed by experts in the field.


The Level 1 Clinic brings the Level 1 online course to life through hands-on training facilitated by US Lacrosse-certified trainers. The curriculum is designed to introduce coaches to the responsibilities and philosophies of coaching and how to provide a safe and athlete-centered environment that emphasizes positive growth and sportsmanship. You’ll acquire the tools to teach rules, basic individual skills and basic team concepts to beginning players of all ages. This baseline training is relevant for all lacrosse coaches, regardless of experience.

Coaches must complete a Level 1 clinic to attain Level 1 certification.Attending the clinic ALONE does not mean you are certified. See below for more information and the steps to become certified.



Learn anywhere, anytime, any device. US Lacrosse e-learning has undergone a 2016 makeover, and now the world’s largest library of lacrosse-specific online learning tools features over 24 unique courses for training, certification and ongoing professional development.

Among the most popular courses offered:

  • Level 1 Fundamentals of Coaching (boys’ and girls’ courses)
  • Level 2 Coaching (men’s and women’s courses)
  • How to Make Proper Contact (men’s)
  • Fundamentals of Goalkeeping (men’s and women’s courses)
  • Rules Tests (for youth and high school boys’ and girls’ lacrosse)

US Lacrosse member or returning customer? Simply use your US Lacrosse login information to get started today. New to US Lacrosse e-learning, no problem.


It is the US Lacrosse vision that all lacrosse teams are coached by US Lacrosse certified coaches for the benefit and quality of this sport. The certification process is designed to be completed over a period of 3-5 years, and is for coaches of all levels. US Lacrosse encourages all coaches to participate in some or all components of the Coach Development Program, and encourages leagues and clubs to utilize the Coach Development Program for their needs.

Level 1 Certification Requirements

  1.  Current US Lacrosse membership
  2.  Current "Green Light" NCSI background check
  3.  Level 1 Fundamentals of Coaching Online Course
  4.  Level 1 Instructional Clinic (Developing the Individual Athlete)
  5.  PCA "Double Goal Coach 1: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons"
  6.  Men's Game Coaches Only: How to Make Proper Contact Online Course
  7.  Safesport Training (Coming Soon)




Please visit the Coach Education Program on the US Lacrosse website to learn more about the certification process and resources you can have access to with a Coach Level Membership. Click the image below or copy & paste this URL:

US Lacrosse offers online coaching resources as part of the path to certification. The online courses feature comprehensive text, streaming video, animation, graphics and a resource library full of drills and downloadable resources for members. While not a replacement for the live clinic, not everyone can give up an entire day for that. It is a great way to jump start your season.

In addition to that, US Lacrosse also you many coaching resource including drills archive, practice plans and a mobile app to allow you to browse a library of hundreds of lacrosse videos and drills at three ability levels. Seamlessly build a practice plan for your team, print your plan or digitally share it with your team and others. 




We also have an ONLINE COACH ORIENTATION. ALL COACHES  complete the online orientation before the Coach Kick-Off. It helps answer a lot of questions and help us run our Coach Kick Off more efficiently.



Held late MARCH

Sherwood UltraSport Seekonk, MA


COACH KICK-OFF ORIENTATION & COACH SKILL WORKSHOP The coach kick-off is held each year the week before opening day (typically the 1st Monday in April if town give us the ok). The Coach Kick Off serves as the orientation to the policies and procedures of East Bay Lacrosse, an introduction of the website and how to communicate with your teams, coach bags are distributed, required coaching paperwork is collected and BEST OF ALL, a skills coaching workshop with REV Lacrosse for the girl coaches and 3D Lacrosse with the boys coaches

Please save the date. If you decide to become a coach, we would love you to join us

  • Classroom with REV Lacrosse
  • Field with REV Lacrosse
  • Coach Orientation, paperwork, bag distribution etc. (time is a range and will likely end earlier)


  • Field / Classroom with 3D Lacrosse
  • Coach Orientation, paperwork, bag distribution etc.(time is a range and will likely end earlier)



Did we pique your interest? Maybe you want to learn more about coaching? QUESTIONS? Send them my way!

Thank you.
Erika Farrell
East Bay Lacrosse Administrator
Office: 401-633-7770 or