September 2011 | East Bay Lacrosse
East Bay Bristol County Lacrosse Association is a developmental lacrosse program for boys and girls in the East Bay area of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We serve: Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Swansea, Somerset and Rehoboth.

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East Bay Bristol County Lacrosse Association

Meeting Minutes

September 26th, 2011


7pm, Barrington Public Library, Barrington


In Attendance: Matt Hayes, Peter Ramsden, Michael Curry, Ted Broomhead, Michael Payton, John Gaffney, Molly Lacerte, Dee Walton


Guest Attendees: Elizabeth Welshman, EBBCLA Nominating Committee (7:00pm – 7:25pm), Julie Gaffney, BMS Lacrosse (8:00pm – 8:45pm), Mel Bride, BMS Lacrosse (8:15pm – 8:45pm)


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm


Nominating Committee Report – Elizabeth Welshman

·       To date, no new volunteers have expressed an interested in joining the Executive Board

·       Solicitation to parents had no response

·       A solicitation to coaches is planned in addition to informal discussions at the upcoming Coaches’ Appreciation Night 10/3

·       Discussion followed of specific people for the Nominating Committee to contact and ask to serve on the 2012 Executive Board

·       Recruiting efforts will attempt to balance the girls’ and boys’ representation on the board

·       Next Steps

o      Nominating Committee will contact current Executive Board Members to determine interest in continuing in 2012

o      Nominating Committee will contact identified coaches/individuals to determine their interested in consideration for the 2012 Executive Board

o      Current Executive Board will continue to recruit potential new members


Elizabeth Welshman excused at 7:25pm

Approval of Last Meeting Minutes

Peter Ramsden made a motion to approve the June 27th meeting minutes.  The motion was seconded by Michael Payton and passed by a unanimous vote.


Treasurer’s Report – John Gaffney

·       Cash is strong with a small accumulation

·       Revenue and Expenses are tracking similarly to last year with a slight improvement

·       A profit and loss statement for January through August 2011 was distributed showing some variances that are more a result of categorization than actual change in revenue and expenses

·       John Gaffney will re-categorize the revenue and expenses to be more reflective of actual sub-categories.  A revised report will be presented at the October 24th meeting

·       Discussion on tournament revenue and expenses followed.  John Gaffney will present a separate report on Tournament fees at the October 24th meeting

·       Peter Ramsden has submitted the 501c3 paperwork to the state


Ted Broomhead made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  The motion was seconded by Michael Curry and passed by a unanimous vote.


Old Business


Annual Meeting Preparation – Matt Hayes

·       Matt Hayes will compose a meeting invitation for Dee Walton to electronically distribute to the coaches no later than two weeks prior to October 24th in accordance with the EBBCLA by-laws.

·       John Gaffney will have updated financial reports prepared including the tournament revenue/expense report and the re-categorized Profit and Loss statement for 2011 YTD

·       The meeting will be at the Barrington Public Library October 24th at 7pm


RIYLL Update – Peter Ramsden

·       There was a meeting on July 28th with 8 programs in attendance.  Minutes of that meeting have not yet been distributed. 

·       Most of the programs in attendance did not agree with the severity of the scheduling problem this past season but agree that a partial schedule is not acceptable

·       There will be a 3/1/12 deadline for team counts and field availability to be submitted to RIYLL.  EBBCLA would prefer that date be 2/1/12 or 2/15/12.

·       In an attempt to increase RIYLL revenue, referee fees have been increased from $48 per game to $53 per game

·       There was discussion about what EBBCLA can do to encourage change within RIYLL

o      An offer to assist with scheduling was made and declined by RIYLL

o      As a program, EBBCLA has one vote within RIYLL despite being the largest program so our leverage is minimal

New Business


Julie Gaffney and Mel Bride joined the meeting at 8:15pm


BMS Lacrosse Program – Matt Hayes

·       There has been ongoing communication about coordination between EBBCLA and BMS Lacrosse program

o      Increase in size of both programs has created more scheduling conflicts and confusion for families

o      Both organizations have agreed to attempt a more seamless program format that will require changes to both programs, Executive Boards, and by-laws

·       Discussion on the planned format for both 5/6 and 7/8 recreational and competitive players

·       Discussion on the financial impact of both organizations and participating families

·       General discussion on the required changes to the EBBCLA by-laws


Julie Gaffney and Mel Bride excused at 8:45pm


·       Additional discussion on the required EBBCLA by-law changes was followed by a decision to defer voting until the October 24th meeting

·       Matt Hayes will draft proposed by-law changes and distribute electronically prior to the October 24th meeting


Coaches Trailing/Development – Dee Walton

·       Positive Coaching Alliance contract – Dee Walton and John Gaffney will meet to review the proposed contract.  Scheduling for any training/clinics will be deferred until after the Board elections

·       Level II Certification – Dee Walton is working with RIYLL on scheduling, there is no date yet


Winter Practice Space at Sherwood – Dee Walton

·       Dee Walton will propose a practice calendar to the board for consideration at the October 24th meeting



John Gaffney made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Michael Payton and after a unanimous vote, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.


The next meeting is scheduled for 7 pm, October 24th at the Barrington Public Library.


Respectfully submitted,


Molly Lacerte

EBBCLA Secretary