July 2012 | East Bay Lacrosse
East Bay Bristol County Lacrosse Association is a developmental lacrosse program for boys and girls in the East Bay area of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We serve: Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Swansea, Somerset and Rehoboth.

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East Bay Bristol County Lacrosse Association

Meeting Minutes

July 9, 2012

7:00 p.m., Rhode Island Country Club



In attendance: Peter Ramsden, John Gaffney, Julie Gaffney, Dee Walton, Brad Vaughan, Mel Bride, Erica Faulkner, Mike Curry, Nina Robertson, Molly Lacerte


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.


Approval of Minutes from June meeting

Nina unable to provide minutes due to computer difficulties. Will email minutes from June meeting to Peter and Dee who will forward to board for approval. 


Old Business

{C} Jamboree - huge success. 1006 attendees.

{C} BMS referee issue - will talk to Roland Doucette who is in charge of ref assignments for BMS games. Will address issue of ending games early for upcoming season.

{C} BMS Girls’ Program - seemed to be a success. Combining of teams worked well. Will have to look at numbers for this year and decide if same system will work or if need to reconfigure. Coaching for this year will be challenge since Lily Ricci not coaching again.

{C} Payment of BMS referees - need to address so coaches not cutting checks at games. Need more lead time if possible. Idea raised of pre-funding coaches at start of season to pay for refs.


New Business

{C} Boys’ 5/6 Competitive Teams & June Tournaments - numbers lacking, teams thought to be weak. Coaches from season did not participate, parents unhappy. Need to communicate to coaches that expected to follow through with teams until end of season - stress that season ends in June, not May. Players also expected to follow through until then unless opt out. Need to make this more clear in future.

{C} Competitive Girls’ Program - mixed reviews about NESLL. Very disorganized, Mel Bride ended up doing bulk of legwork. Molly working with Ted Broomhead on possibility of having an East Bay team in the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League for this year.

{C} Girls’ Fall Ball - Didn’t have enough numbers last year. Interested girls ended up playing out of Portsmouth.

{C} Boy’s Fall Ball - Brad to start firming up boys’ schedule. Needs to find coaches for all teams.

{C} BMS Boys’ Lacrosse Program - interested in merging with EBBCLA. Dee concerned about manpower and managing another program. Would EBBCLA change current format? Would it be more inclusive or tryout based? Concern about program folding if not picked up by EBBCLA. Will suggest that representatives for program attend a board meeting in Fall and make a proposal about what they would want from EBBCLA. Mike to contact Andy Sutter in the meantime.

{C} Ted Hanley - contacted Peter about starting Boys’/Girls’ lacrosse programs in Bristol/Warren. Peter to follow up.

{C} Coach Appreciation Night - scheduled for Monday, October 1 at Billy’s. Head coaches can order jackets. Assistants limited to sweatshirts or hats.



Mike Curry made a motion to adjourn, Molly Lacerte seconded the motion, and after a unanimous vote, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


The next meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at Barrington Public Library.


Respectfully submitted,


Nina Robertson

EBBCLA Secretary, 2012