November 2014 | East Bay Lacrosse
East Bay Bristol County Lacrosse Association is a developmental lacrosse program for boys and girls in the East Bay area of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We serve: Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Swansea, Somerset and Rehoboth.

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East Bay Bristol County Lacrosse Association
Meeting Minutes
November 24th, 2014
7:00pm, Barrington Public Library
In Attendance: Brad Vaughn, Nina Robertson, Ted Broomhead, Molly Lacerte, Bill Horn, Josh Davis, Dee Walton
Missing: Chris Gagliano, Carson Colmore, Tim King
The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm
Old Business 
Approval of March Meeting Minutes – Dee Walton
The minutes of the October Annual Meeting will be distributed for approval at a later date via email
East Providence Lacrosse – Dee Walton
· East Providence Lacrosse will start with a 5/6 boys’ and a 5/6 girls’ team
· A meeting is scheduled with Dee and Damian Ramos, head of EP Mohawks, for 11/25
· EBBCLA will do registration and review League Athletics website with him
· See what else Damian needs help with
o Equipment
o Bonds available from US Lacrosse and RILAX
New Business
RIYLL Board Meeting – Brad Vaughn 
· First game dates are 4/4 for DI boys and 4/11 for DII boys and the girls
· Preliminary team counts are due 2/1/15
· Final team counts are due 3/1
· All team rosters must be finalized by 3/25
· Point of emphasis – make sure there is a distinction between DI and DII teams
· Leagues with house leagues are encouraged to enter teams into RIYLL schedule
· Discussion on keeping mid-week games – Molly Lacerte made a motion for EBBCLA to vote no to mid-week games.  Nina Robertson seconded and the motion passed by a unanimous vote.
Girls’ Select Team Try-Outs – Molly Lacerte (for Chris Gagliano)
· Try-outs went smoothly with many volunteers outside of the parent/coach community
· Team placements have been set and invitations have gone out
· Registration is open and will close on 12/31
· On 1/1, the alternates will be offered any remaining spots
Boys’ Competitive Try-Outs – Brad Vaughn
· Two try-outs are complete and they went smoothly
· The change from age-based to grade-based has created complication with the 4th graders in particular
· Will add a third try-out in December or January.  Will try to have it outside.
· Discussion about criteria for trying out for competitive teams.  Josh Davis made a motion to remove the 2-year experience requirement for boys to try-out for competitive.  Bill Horn seconded and the motion passed with a unanimous vote.
· Discussion to keep 3rd/4th in DII and create even teams that rotate through the RIYLL schedule – similar to the girls’ format
Registration Update – Dee Walton
· Target registration open date is 12/15
· Review of expected returning players
· Review of expected budget – barely broke even last year.  Dee will do some budgeting to determine if there needs to be a recommendation to the board to increase registration fees
· EBBCLA is still one of the least expensive programs in the state.
Boys’ Middle School Program – Josh Davis
· Josh is planning to run a boys middle school program to augment the existing non-EBBCLA program in place
· Will take any players that either do not make the existing team or choose not to try-out and run a developmental program 2 days a week with an intramural game once a week
· Program will run April through Mid-June
· There was discussion about field availability and best practices from the girls BMS program
· Ted recommended having the intramural games on Fridays when the BMS girls don’t have practice.
Josh Davis made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Brad Vaughn seconded the motion and after a unanimous vote the meeting was adjourned at 8:34pm.
The next meeting has not yet been scheduled.
Respectfully submitted,
Molly Lacerte
2014 EBBCLA Secretary